MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference

MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference

2023 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations

  • The Role of Local Government in National Security – Deepak Kukade, MN Fusion Center

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2023 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations8 documents

  • State of Today & the Effect on the State of Tomorrow
    David Limardi, Limardi Consulting Leadership Pressure – David Limardi, Limardi Consulting
  • Leadership Pressure
    David Limardi, Limardi Consulting
  • AMC Update
    Julie Ring, Executive Director
  • Union Negotiations
    Johnny Villarreal, Commissioner of MN Bureau of Mediations Services
  • How the 2023 Legislative Session Changed County Employment
    Andrew Benish, Dakota County
  • New County Salary Survey
    Gallagher Benefits
  • Are You Ready for Earned Sick & Safe Time (ESST)?
    Susan Hansen, Madden Galanter Hansen, PLLC
  • Cannabis Restriction in the Workplace & Community
    Ann Goering and Joseph Langel, Ratwik, Rosak & Maloney

2022 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations5 documents

  • Driving Engagement & Retention Through Workforce Analysis
    Gallagher Benefit Services
  • Multi-Dimensional Communication –Managing Difficult Conversations
    Kennedy & Graven
  • Investigations Discharge & Discipline
    Susan Hansen
  • Providing Medical Coverage Though Union Plans
    Hitesman Law, Marsh McLennan Agency
  • AMC Update
    Julie Ring

2021 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations4 documents

  • Justice Reform Strategies Panel
  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing at Work
  • We Are All Criminals
  • AMC Update

2020 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations6 documents

  • Changes in Workers' Compensation -MCIT
  • NAMI Good Mental Health in the Workplace
  • NAMI Mental Illnesses In The Workplace
  • NAMI Workplace Mental Health Resources
  • St Louis County Strike
  • Certificate of Attendance-GMHWP May2020

2019 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations9 documents

  • AMC Update Overview
  • Personal and Organizational Transformation: On Leading from Within
  • HSAVEBA Hybrid and FSA plans FURTHER
  • Keeping Top Talent Today's Top Priority Arlene Vernon
  • Managing Remote Employees
  • County Organizational Structure
  • PERA Reporting Potpourri
  • Website Assessibility
  • 2019 Fall Business Meeting Minutes (Draft)

2018 MACA-MCHRMA Fall Conference Presentations7 documents

  • AMC Update
    Julie Ring, AMC Executive Director
  • Driving Performance Through Improved Employee Engagement
    Bob Lavigna, Director, Center For Public Sector Employee Engagement, Cps Hr Consulting
  • Wright County Records and Data Management: Why Data Retention Doesn't Need To Be Scary
    Lee Kelly, Wright County Administrator Adam Tagarro, Wright County It Director Scott Larson, Wright County Records Management Analyst
  • Partnering With Metro State
    Francis Schweigert, Professor, Inaugural Dean Raj Sethuraju, Associate Professor Lesli Blair, Assistant Professor Beth Schaefer, Director of the Institute For Professional Development Crystal Fashant, Associate Professor
  • Social Media
    Reggie Evans, Digital Communications Specialist, Hennepin County
  • PERA Update
    Shana Jones, Policy Director and Luis Argueta, Employer Communications Coordinator
  • The Janus Decision: The History, The Decision And Where We Go From Here?
    Ann R. Goering, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak Maloney, P.A.